Guide to Spanish food



Spanish food is one of the most uncomplicated foods in the world. The flavors are simple yet suit your palate well. Be it the wines or the main course every meal leaves you with a satiety feeling. Spanish cuisine definitely is a good choice while going out with your date.

Spanish food is admired due to the curious combination of ingredients and the aroma. In spanish cuisine, value is given to the essence and taste of food rather than its garnish and presentation.

Analogous to other cuisines, Spanish cuisine is experimented with and the outcome is a potpourri of traditional and new styles. Some of the ingredients used by others such as Roman, Moorish, and Greek, are now integrated in Spanish cooking. Spanish food is known to be zesty and rich in flavor and most of the recipes use potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruit, chilli, and beans. Hence, choosing the best Spanish restaurant will help you to enjoy the most romantic meal.

Tapas are appetizers like vegetable items, cheese, and dips. Wine is an integral part of the overall dining experience in Spain. Tapas bars serve some of the best Tapas, along with the finest Spanish wine.

Even though, Spanish food is quite varied, there are a lot of similar qualities across the dishes. Olive oil is used to cook in, but can also be used in its raw state. Spanish cooking begins with Sofrito, which is a amalgamation of onion, tomato, and garlic cooked in olive oil. Garlic and onions are the two most popular seasonings. Consuming wine during a meal is a cultural norm in Spain. Bread is served with almost all meals. Salads are extremely popular, especially in the summer months. For dessert the Spanish will often serve a dairy product or a piece of fruit, keeping cakes or tarts for special events or occasions.

Below is a guide to spanish food.Some accepted Spanish dishes include:

– Chorizo is a spicy pork sausage that is prepared from pork marinated in paprika and chillies. This recipe is available in two varieties- hot known as picante and sweet known as dulce. Most varieties can be eaten cold, although there are some regions of Spain which produce varieties that need further cooking. Chorizo can be consumed by itself or can be used in other food recipes.

– Gazpacho is a vegetable soup that is served cold and is famous is hot climate areas like Andalusia. Historically gazpacho was made from stale bread, garlic, olive oil, salt and vinegar, but today, bell pepper and tomato are also often added. Another variant of Gazpacho is Gazpacho Manchego, which contains meat (most likely rabbit) and mushrooms. It is served warm and resembles stew more than soup.

– Fried squid which is served as Calamares.

– Jamn serrano – Dry-cured ham.

– Paella is a rice dish. The chief materials used in this dish are olive oil, rice, saffron and this dish is normally seasoned with seafood, vegetables, and/or meat.When you order Paella, you will definitely be able to enjoy the best meal for the day. You will fall in love with the dish even if you are ordering it for the very first time in life. The carefully cooked rice that is served in different layers goes well with all sorts of side dishes. Ranging from mushrooms and other vegetable dishes to the all-time favorite chicken dishes all sort of food items taste well with the Paella.

– Fabada Asturiana – A bean stew that also contains black blood sausage (“morcilla”), chorizo and pork, and which is flavored with saffron and other seasonings.

– Pescato Frito – Marinated fish, battered and fried.

– Tortilla de patatas – An onion and potato omelette.

– Olla Podrida is a rich stew made with bacon, ham, meat, poultry and vegetables.

– Marmitako – A fish stew made with onions, pimentos, potatoes and tomatoes.

– Churro is a customary sweet snack that is prepared from fried pastry dough along with hot chocolate dip.

Sangria is a good starter to your meal. It is almost like a cocktail or a fruit punch having red wine, chopped fruits and sometimes a small quantity of brandy. When you choose this drink over the conventional drinks used ordered by all the people around you during a date, it will make the occasion really special.